Hi, here's everything you need to know about the new We Deliver More

Things you need to know...

Customer 'Account Recovery' process

Due to GDPR, all personal data held on the current site will be deleted. We have pre-loaded all customer outlet information, meaning existing We Deliver More account holders will be guided through an 'account recovery and profile creation' process. New and existing customers can now self-activate and start shopping in one session.
Please be aware: as we do not have permission to market to trade customers (under GDPR) we have to rely on them to self-activate their account, we cannot pro-actively approach them until they have activated their account and given us permission to contact them either by Post, email or SMS.

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Personalised print

A new personalised print tool is coming soon. In the meantime, we will have a 'coming soon' holding page on the website, with a personalised print request call to action, which will be forwarded onto the relating FSR to assist with customer requirements.

Staff account log in

If you need or want to have access to the new site, for example to show a new customer or just to have a look, we have created a We Deliver More account for you. Once we are live, you can activate your account.

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When does the new site go live?

On the 2nd August, look out for the 'We're Live' email.

What can the new site do?

The new site includes a host of new features designed to improve the overall customer experience and ensure purchasing branded POS is as easy as possible for our customers.

For you...

New business enquiry

All trade account enquiries will be forwarded to the relating FSR or NBM to follow up.

Pre-log in content to drive new account enquiries

More pre-log in content is available to all visitors to drive new trade account enquiries, which will be forwarded to the relating FSR or NBM to follow up.

GDPR compliant

We have taken great care to ensure that the way in which we capture, store and process customer data is done in a fully compliant manner. Features such as the customer Preference Centre are important compliance tools and should provide our customers piece of mind that we take GDPR and their own privacy very seriously.

Improved customer spend reports

Customer spend reports will be available to you on request, with a plan to provide you access to your own customer reports as part of phase two work.

Suite of email templates to drive repeat business and incremental spend

We have also developed a comprehensive eCRM programme which is designed to retain our customers and encourage them to keep coming back to the site on a regular basis. The programme allows us to send dynamic, personalised communications based on customers preferences as well as upsell emails, 'lapsed' emails to encourage customers to come back to Carlsberg and bespoke campaign based messages.

Cross and upsell products

The new site gives us the ability to relate complimentary products allowing us to cross and upsell more products to customers automatically.

Instant messaging feature

The new site includes a on-site messaging system allowing us to send targeted messages into customers straight to their on-site inbox. The system is one way so customers can't reply but it gives us the ability to quickly and easily communicate to all of our customers or segment individual groups to send targeted messages.

*example message only

Assign budget spend to your customers

The new site makes it easy to assign budgets to each of your customers to spend on the site.

For your customer...

Manage marketing preferences
Personalised pricing and promotions

The content management system powering We Deliver More allows us to provide our customers with individual online experiences with personalised greetings, personalised pricing reflecting individual discounts, preferential rates or targeted campaigns.

Improved navigation, filters and search functionality
Create and order from a wishlist
Back in stock notifications
Live stock and promotional features
View your Carlsberg Credits balance

Eligible free trade customers will be able to easily access their Carlsberg Credits balance via a quick link in the header of the new site.

Download the latest Carlsberg brochures

Customers can easily access all the latest CUK brochures quickly and easily via the new We Deliver More website. The brochures can be found at the bottom of the homepage and available to signed and non-signed in customers.

New events calendar
Chatbot functionality - coming soon!

Phase 2 will include the latest chatbot technology allowing customers to dynamically search the site, ask specific questions, get advice or be passed to the call centre to help them further.